Collection: Enjoy Outdoors in Any Weather with Electric Awnings UK

Welcome to e-Homestore, your premier retailer of high-quality electric awnings UK and cassette awnings in the UK. We specialize in gorgeous, customizable shading solutions to make your outdoor living space functional and comfortable year-round.

Our sleek motorized patio awnings protect outdoor seating areas, windows and doors from the harsh rays of sun, wind, rain and other elements. The retractable waterproof fabric easily extends to shade spaces up to 35 feet wide. At the same time, integrated LED lighting lets you enjoy evenings outdoors. 

Please keep reading to discover how our automated retractable patio awnings encourage effortless outdoor living at the push of a button. Please browse our online showroom of elegant styles and high-tech features to find your perfect match with installation services included.

Seamless Outdoor Shade at Your Fingertips   

The beauty of our electric Full Cassette Awnings is how seamlessly they provide robust weather protection whenever you want. The motorized mechanics smoothly unfurl water-resistant fabric covers at the touch of a wireless remote or wall switch. Built-in sensors instantly react to wind and rain conditions for safety. Then, the covers neatly retract into discrete aluminum housing with just another click.

This automated functionality couldn’t be simpler. Just sit back as the awning extends up to 16 feet outward to shelter your seating area, door, window, grill station or any outdoor space vulnerable to sun and showers. No cranking, laborious handles, or fussing with tangled fabric is necessary. Enjoy shade and coverage spanning up to 35 feet across without lifting a finger!

Advanced Protection from the Elements

Don’t let unpredictable weather derail your plans to entertain, dine or relax in your outdoor oasis. Our weatherproof awnings have your back no matter how intense the wind, rain or UV rays get. The durable polyester canvas tops are coated on both sides for water resistance against downpours without sacrificing shade from the hot sun. The sturdy aluminium frames and retractable cassette housings also reinforce wind resistance. 

Strategically angled canopies allow raindrops and debris to slide right off instead of pooling. That means enjoying the soothing sound of rainfall undercover or re-emerging to pristine, dry furniture ready to use once sunny skies return. Prep your patio for any forecast with maximum protection from the elements all year!  

Customized Style to Match Your Vision 

While functionality is key, awnings should elevate aesthetics rather than detract from existing architecture. That’s why our retractable Cassette Awnings UK patio covers come in many colors, designs and convenient installation options. Choose from over 100 painted or powder-coated frame finishes to complement exterior paint schemes. Then select fabric ranging from solids and stripes to captivating dimensional patterns to set your perfect mood.

You may prefer a contemporary vibe with bold accents. Or a neutral palette keeps things clean and classic. From exposed aluminium cassettes to recessed installations that tuck away inside soffits, we adapt to design sensibilities and practical needs. This curated approach makes balancing weather protection with a gorgeous backyard style easy. Let our awnings introduce allure while shielding spaces where people want to relax and gather together.

Smart Features Enhance Convenience  

Beyond smooth automated functionality, our patio shade systems incorporate brilliant smart features for added enjoyment. Make the most of cooler evenings and darker months with integrated LED lighting options. Control glowing colour temperature settings with included remotes to create bright, white illumination or ambient mood lighting.

For total weatherproofing, add modular screens and clear vinyl panels. Their transparent solid material blocks wind and rain when rolled down yet preserves visibility. Control them separately from the awning or synced together for one-touch activation. You can also heat spaces to stay toasty on cool nights with Infrared Radiant Heat emitters along awning fronts. Their unnoticeable glow concentrates warmth right where people sit without heating the air. Operate everything via wireless controls, wall switches or home automation systems for utmost convenience, extending your living area’s usable hours and seasons exponentially!

Built to Enhance Outdoor Living Spaces

Picture yourself extending your refuge of outdoor comfort with just a simple click. Listen to the gentle pitter-patter of raindrops against the taut, waterproof canvas. At the same time, you carry on dining and lounging perfectly dry underneath. As winds pick up and temperatures drop, chill out, wrapped in cosy blankets, warmed from above and still enjoying the magical ambience of your yard.  

We aim to remove all barriers that make outdoor living merely a fair-weather luxury. E-Homestore believes your gorgeous landscaping and conversations shared in the open air shouldn’t be hampered by temperamental weather or harsh UV rays. That’s why our automobile shading solutions deliver such robust, adaptable coverage to protect what matters most - comfort and connections.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Living Today  

Discover how easy expanding your luxury indoor comforts outside can be with top-tier shading solutions from e-Homestore. Please browse our online showroom to explore premium awning and canopy options including styles, fabrics, sizes and smart features to meet your needs. Then, arrange affordable financing options and include professional installation services for sheer simplicity. 

Call us to chat about nominating your ideal outdoor living space for a stylish, automated awning upgrade. Let our retractable weatherproofing systems make your backyard oasis everything you dream it can be, rain or shine!