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Rack mounted 10.2Kw Battery

Rack mounted 10.2Kw Battery

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Solar batteries are an integral component of solar energy systems, it captures and stores excess electricity generated by solar panels. This stored energy serves as a reliable power source during periods of low solar production, enhancing energy independence, grid resilience, and the overall efficiency of solar power installations.


Product Features:

Our solar battery storage systems include energy management systems that can intelligently control when to charge or discharge the battery based on electricity rates, peak demand times, or other factors. This can help optimize energy savings and reduce reliance on the grid during peak periods. In some cases you can potentially take advantage of this feature by charging the battery during off-peak hours when electricity is cheaper and then using the stored energy during expensive peak hours making it an ideal investment.  

Solar battery storage systems can provide backup power during a power outages. When the grid goes down, the system can automatically switch to using the stored energy in the batteries to power essential appliances and devices.

Monitoring and track the performance data including energy production, consumption, and the battery charge percentage.



Dimensions: 500mm x 300mm x150mm

Storage Capacity: 10.2kW

Mount Type: Rack mounted

Colour: White

Weight: 80KG



To carry out a good quality installation we recommend to hire a trained professional solar installer. Bad installs can lead to further costs later on such as leaks through roof or hazardous electrical malfunctions.

Please contact us for competitive and professional installation quotes!

Product Dimensions

Battery dimensions: mm x mm x mm

Maintenance and Care

Install the battery indoors, in a cool and dry location will prevent any unwanted overheating issues and moisture damage and increase its lifespan.

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