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Full Cassette Electric Awning 3.5m x 3m

Full Cassette Electric Awning 3.5m x 3m

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Our Electric motorised full cassette awnings offer a convenient and modern solution for enhancing outdoor spaces. The automated functionality allows for effortless and quick deployment, providing instant shade or shelter with just the touch of a button via the remote control. This convenience is particularly advantageous for those with limited mobility or seeking a hassle-free way to manage the outdoor environment.

This contemporary awning includes sensors that can detect changes in weather conditions, automatically retracting in response to strong winds or adverse weather. This smart feature not only protects the awning from potential damage but also ensures the safety of the surrounding area.

Awning are a perfect addition to gardens and patio areas, balconies or above windows/Bi-Fold doors.

This can also be used commercially for shop fronts, seating areas such as beer gardens or outdoor restaurant seating areas to keep customers shaded from rain or intense direct sunlight.

The seamless integration of technology into these awnings adds a touch of sophistication to homes or businesses while optimizing comfort and usability, making it a worthwhile investment for those looking to create a stylish and functional outdoor living space.

Why Choose Full Cassette Awnings:

Full Cassette awnings have a fully enclosed cassette compared to half cassette ones, which means that when retracted, the fabric and mechanisms are completely protected within the cassette. This provides a sleek and seamless appearance, often preferred for a more finished and integrated look.

With a complete enclosure, full cassette awnings offer superior protection to the fabric and internal components when not in use. This significantly extends the lifespan of the awning by shielding it from the elements, such as rain, snow, and UV rays and any other adverse weather damage. 

Special Features:

Our Electric awnings come with several key features that make them a popular and practical choice for both residential and commercial spaces:

Motorized Operation: The primary feature is, of course, the motorized operation. The awnings can be effortlessly extended or retracted with the push of a button via the remote control. A manual override option is also included.

Wind and Sun Sensors: Smart sensors can detect changes in weather conditions. Wind and sun sensors automatically retract the awning in strong winds or extend it in response to sunlight, providing optimal comfort and protection.

Durability and Weather Resistance: Electric awnings are typically constructed with durable materials that are resistant to weather elements such as UV rays, rain, and mildew. This ensures a longer lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements. The fabric is tear resistant, waterproof, fade resistant and offers UV protection.

LED Lighting: Integrated LED lights on the underside of the arms illuminate the outdoor space during the evening. This feature adds both functionality and ambiance.

Energy Efficiency: Electric awnings can contribute to energy efficiency by providing shade and reducing the need for excessive cooling indoors. This can potentially lead to lower energy bills by minimizing the use of air conditioning.

Retractable Arms: Electric awnings typically come with retractable arms that provide additional stability when the awning is extended. This feature also allows for easy storage when the awning is not in use.

Easy Installation: All our awnings are designed for relatively easy installation making it a DIY project if you wish. Professional installation may be recommended for larger or more complex setups.

Customization Options: Our awnings are available in various sizes, styles, and fabric options, allowing users to choose a design that complements their outdoor space. This customization ensures that the awning integrates seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of the property.

These features collectively make electric awnings a versatile and user-friendly solution for those seeking an efficient and technologically advanced shading option for their outdoor spaces.

Cassette Specification:

  • Material: Aluminium Cassette frame, Diecast aluminium brackets
  • Colour: Black
  • Power source: Electric motor via remote control with manual override
  • Gear-box:1:7
  • Manual Override: 1.6m Steel rod provided for manual deployment 
  • Electric motor - smooth and quiet operation
  • Adjustable tilt for optimal shading and protection
  • Easy DIY install 

Fabric Specification:

  • Material: 280G/M2 Polyester
  • Finish: PU Coated 
  • Colour: Black
  • Weather-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • UV protected
  • Resistant to fading/discolouring
  • Tear-resistant
  • Resistant to stretching and deformation


What is Included:

1 x Full Cassette Awning

1x Remote Control

1x Steel Hand crank (For manual deployment)



Product Dimensions

Cassette Length: 3.5m

Awning Length: 3.5m

Awning Depth: 3m

Aluminium Roller: 78mm

Aluminium Front Bar: 120mmx 54mm

Aluminium Support Arms: 60mmx31mm/51mmx26mm

Maintenance and Care

Delivery and Returns


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  • All deliveries are Tracked
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  • We’re confident that you’ll be more than delighted with our product, but in the unlikely event that you’re not satisfied, we will happily accept a return.
  • You will have 30 days from the day your product arrives to return it and must be in its original condition.
  • All returns are at the buyers own expense.


  • We offer 2 years warranty.
  • The warranty is only valid for manufacturing defects.
  • We do not cover any damage caused by natural disasters.
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